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Decorative Concrete Barnwood Resurfacing | Patio Deck Makeover with Concretewood Lake of the Ozarks


Hey guys, this is Rick with Custom Concrete Design lake of the ozarks. This week we are on the other side of the lake at a condo unit. Here lower level. They have two patios. We’re, going to go ahead and just do this one,

But first we got to take off this coating that’s on here, get it down to the bare concrete. I think i’ve. Seen a couple of cracks, we’ll, probably have to repair on that side, but overall it’s in pretty good shape.

We’re, going to come back in and put a. We’re, going to put concrete wood back over the top of this, so this is going to look like um. We’re, just gonna go in with one color. I think we’re, just gonna do a basic brown color, but we’re gonna have several different variations of that one color, but anyways yeah concrete wood.

Here we go…. What you guys are seeing here is the first coat of charcoal gray, just put it down, so this is wet. It’s right now. It’s, trying to dry it’ll dry about four or five shades lighter, and we’ll come back tomorrow and do the same thing.

We did have to do this uh outside lip here as well, because it doesn’t cool the screen door. The screen, doesn’t, go all the way to the edge, so went ahead and coated this too. Okay, our patterns taped out.

We went in with four inch six inch and we did an 8 inch too on our width and then on our length. We made them anywhere from 2, 4 6 8 and we did a few tins in there as well. So we really got everything staggered out.

Really nice, and tomorrow we’re, going to come in here and we’re going to do our base coat color over the top of this tape to basically lock it down in case there’s, any Bleed under it’ll, be the same color, so we’re going to cover this with a thin layer tomorrow, [, Music, ], okay, right now we have cut our lines, our saw cuts.

We cut them to open that back up. We pulled our tape to reveal our grout lines and our pattern um. What we’re doing right now is we’re just going through and and kind of cutting some of the corners of the boards and the edges.

I don’t know if you can see this or not right here, [ Music, ] here um here’s an edge. We’re just trying to make it somewhat jagged on some of these boards. You can see some of them here. They’re, not perfectly straight, so we’ve, just kind of gone through on different boards here and there and um.

You know just kind of knocked off the edges in the corners, but our texture went on yesterday and, as you can tell it’s, a nice wood grain texture got some of our knot. Holes in there now once we get these areas notched out.

What i’m gonna do is i’m gonna that’s. What this drill is for, i’m gonna go ahead and drill out some holes on each plank uh here and here. So two holes each side of each plank. We’re gonna have uh so that’s.

Basically gonna look like nail holes so that’s. Gonna be all the way down on every board, so it’s going to make it look even more realistic. You know between our texture and our knot, holes and our nail holes and everything um it’s.

Uh it’s, going to look like barn wood here real shortly. It already is. It just needs some coloring, which once we uh get all this done. We’re, going to go ahead and color it [ Music ] all right what we’re doing now, as you can tell making some nail holes, [, Music ].

Yes, it is  okay, this barn wood project, [ Applause ] in laurie missouri, is complete, [, Music ] so – and this is gonna, look a little bit different from different angles and heights um.

You know from this side to that side we have more light shining in and it’s. Creating a nice sheen across here and it’s. Gon na look like it’s really light and then dark. It’s all in the sunlight and the angles that i’ve got here, but this thing turned out beautiful.

Definitely going for that! Rustic barnyard, our barn farmwood, look [ Music ]! I think we got it got some nice texturing in it, nice coloring, all of our nail holes and every board a lot of knot. Holes got about a dozen.

I guess not a lot about a dozen knotholes in here, good heavy texture. Four inch wide six inch wide eight inch wide planks, all staggered: four, six, eight and ten in length.

We, got really good variation in the boards. Good variation of the texture, coloring [, Music ] – and we did hit this outside area here. [, Music ] too so  and about probably six of the boards in here we did a solid, well fairly solid, dark color to give it even more variation.

All the other ones have mixed color. Together, we got two colors brown and amber, and we got to uh about 70, probably 80 brown mixed in just a little bit amber. Give you more of a bird’s-eye view here: 

okay, let’s take a look at the detail and coloring in our planks. We also varied the um nail holes, so they’re. Not perfectly placed that’s, all done on purpose kind of staggered them too.

We actually chipped out some of the corners as well on some of the planks and also on the side of the plank to uh. Just give it more more realistic, a more realistic look trying to keep it as authentic as we could [ Music ] guys if you’re watching this on youtube.

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Basement Floor Makeover

😎 Basement Floor Makeover I don’t know how many I’ve done, but I did enjoy doing this one.

it was a pretty average floor, had to remove some tile and thinset nothing major, but we got the entire floor ground down and started the base coats, then texture coat.

We came in with 2 Acid Stains – Umber and Brown, after each coat of color went down I went in and tweaked it out, ammonia rinsed it, let it sit for a few days with fans came back and added out Clear Epoxy…..BOOM 💥💣


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Pillars are Finished!!

Ok this Project is complete, please watch the Video Below.

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Decorative Concrete Condo Deck Tuscan Slate Texture Brown Antique Stain | Lake of the Ozarks MO

Okay this week we are in Greenview Missouri by the hurricane deck and Lake of the Ozarks MO, today were gonna start on a condo deck luckily for us its on the ground level and will be on the backside of the complex working on this screened in patio concrete has a few cracks nothing major the complex itself is fairly new so we have some great concrete to work with and another nice view of the lake.

So first step with this concrete is to prep it up meaning open up the cracks grind the surface which opens up the pores of the concrete to get it ready for our overlay. Once the cracks are opened up I’ll go ahead and fill them and then grind them down flush with the rest of the concrete, now the cracks are filled and ground down were just gonna go ahead and grind the rest of it cleaned it up the best we can with a shop vac and then pressure wash it.

The next step is putting down the base coat we are going with a dark chocolate color as our base, that goes down pretty quick so we went ahead and put down a second base coat.

Now were ready for our top coat which is can be a Tuscan Slate texture which will now give this concrete some depth and will create a nice design for the stains in the next step.

Right now we have to prep off the screen and the inside walls with paper, mix up our antique stain pour it into our pump up sprayer and spray this out randomly most likely I will need 2 maybe 3 coats I would say the third coat will be more of a highlight coat where I just kind of spray here and there to get the marbleization that I’m looking for.

Once I have the antique stain applied and the marbleization that I’m looking for I’ll let it dry and move on to the next step will be the next day and will come in and remove the paper get it cleaned up and ready for sealer, so I always come in and put two coats a sealer on the next day this allows the antique stain to fully dry and just give me that look them after. The first coat of sealer usually gets absorbed very quickly, however the second coat is what I like to call the money coat and it really allows the color to pop and gives it a great shine.

I would say that this Brown antique stain along with our Tuscan Slate has to be one of our more popular floors that we do our client was extremely happy with it and it brought in several more bids from those that live in that condo complex, enjoy the video on this post and the rest of the videos on my page under the video gallery tab be sure and check out the picture gallery as well and all the other information on this website.

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